For over 30 years, the Pink Flamingos have been an integral part of the city of De Pere and the surrounding community, due to their charitable contributions. While the group is perhaps most visible for its annual softball tournament, the group is active in a variety of altruistic endeavors as it strives to support worthwhile causes in the greater De Pere community.

The diverse members of the group are driven by their common values of unity, commitment, hard work, tradition, and–of course–fun. Thanks to the diligence of the Flamingos, they have taken a small softball tournament and turned it into a community event that offers something for everyone. Likewise, the work of the Flamingos is evident in the other events they have organized, such as music festivals, fundraisers, and tournaments.

Ultimately, the result of the Flamingos’ work is always enjoyment for attendees and contributions to worthwhile causes.